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Titans “1.10 – Koriand’r” Screen Captures

A brand new episode of Titans was released earlier today and in it we got to see Donna Troy in action (lasso speaking) and much more, that you’ll find out when you watch the episode if you haven’t yet. High definition screen captures from the episode have been added to our gallery, as you can check below!

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(Videos) “Titans” Press Interviews

Hello Conor fans – Bit of a late post, but as you must know Conor did a bit of press a couple of days before her first episode on Titans aired. Just last week two more videos were released of Conor giving interviews and speaking out about her role as Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, and you can watch them below if you haven’t yet!

Titans “1.08 – Donna Troy” Screen Captures

Donna Troy made her official debut on this weeks episode of Titans, that was released yesterday! Conor was absolutely amazing in the episode, and i just loved her Donna so much, i can’t wait to see more of her and hopefully, she will be in the next couple of episodes (it sure looked like it with that ending). High definition screen captures from the episode have been added to our gallery!

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(Video) Conor visits AfterBuzz TV

Hello everyone! Conor has quite busy yesterday as she did a couple of interviews in order to promote her role in DC Universe’s Titans and one of the places she stopped by was AfterBuzz TV! You can watch the full interview below, in which she speaks about her character (Donna Troy), her relationship with Brenton Thwaites character and much more.

(Video) Titans “1.08 – Donna Troy” Promo

It’s Saturday and that means a day has gone by since this week’s episode of Titans has aired and of course, there’s only a few days until we get to see Conor in action, as the amazing Donna Troy! DCUniverse has released a promo which gives you a closer look at our Wonder Girl and you can watch it below!

(Photos) First Look at Donna Troy in “Titans”

The day we have been looking forward to since casting has announced is reaching upon us. That’s right, Donna Troy’s debut on Titans is set for November 30 in episode 8 “Donna Troy” and i’m so excited to see Conor in action, playing such a loved character! I’m aware that previously i had mention episode 10, as it had been stated on the official IMDB page but according to DC Comics, Conor is set to make her first appearance on episode 8. Photos have been added to the gallery and you can read a snippet posted on the website below.


If you’ve been watching DC Universe’s Titans, you know that while the core Titans team may consist of Dick Grayson’s Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy, the show hasn’t been shy about introducing other heroes into the ongoing story, both as allies and adversaries. Already we’ve seen Hawk and Dove, the Doom Patrol and Jason Todd (more of all of them, please!), and on November 30, we’ll be introduced to the newest—Donna Troy.

Played by The Man in the High Castle’s Conor Leslie, Donna Troy—who fans likely know as the Teen Titans’ original Wonder Girl—is an intriguing character for the show to introduce because unlike the other superheroes who have made guest appearances, Wonder Girl is traditionally a member of the team. We’ll have to wait and see what Titans has in store for her when she makes her debut, in an episode appropriately titled “Donna Troy.” But in the meantime, enjoy this first look!

“Shrimp” to Become Half-Hour Series With Gunpowder & Sky

It has been announced by Variety that Shrimp, at first a short film, has become a half-hour series! The show is set to air on Gunpowder & Sky, and no release date has been released so far. You can read the full report below.

Zelda Williams, daughter of late actor-comedian Robin Williams, inked a deal with Gunpowder & Sky to develop her short film “Shrimp” into a half-hour show about the lives of female pros in the bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism (BDSM) industry.

The show will follow dominatrixes in a Los Angeles BDSM den — both at work with clients, as well as out of latex as they navigate everyday issues like trying to finagle their way out of jury duty. Williams will write, direct, produce and star in the series, which also stars Conor Leslie, Paulina Singer, Frances Fisher, Jake Abel, Jacob Zachar, and Danielle Campbell. The “Shrimp” series is executive produced by Williams and Joshua Thurston.

Gunpowder & Sky plans to shop the “Shrimp” series to premium TV networks and subscription VOD services. G&S bills it as having the same “often blunt female insight” as Amazon/BBC‘s “Fleabag” and Netflix/Lionsgate’s “Orange Is the New Black.”

“When I embarked on creating ‘Shrimp’ a couple of years ago, I never could’ve imagined where this journey would take me, or the wonderful people I’d come to know along the way,” Williams said. “I’m truly ecstatic to have the opportunity to shine a more positive, honest light on this community than has previously been afforded it by Hollywood, especially as their mastery of consent is something I think many people right now could learn from.”
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Titans “1.02 – Hawk and Dove” Screen Captures

We’ve got our very first look at Conor as Donna Troy on this week’s episode of Titans, titled Hawk and Dove! While we didn’t really see Donna interacting with the characters in any way, we did see her in a photo frame that Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) have in their home which also featured Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites). I couldn’t help myself and i might have overcapped that little moment… But only because this is how excited i am! Besides the photo, there was another hint at Donna Troy which you’ll have to watch the episode to find out. High definition screen captures featuring the adorable photo have been added to the gallery! Conor is set to make her first appearance on the show in the tenth episode according to IMDB, which will air December 14 on DC Universe!

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Welcome to Starring Conor Leslie!

Hello and welcome to Starring Conor Leslie, your first source dedicated to the talented actress and photographed Conor Leslie! You might recognize from her roles in Other Space, Klondike, Shots Fired, The Man in The High Castle or from the most recent Titans casting news – which revealed that Conor would be playing Donna Troy / Wonder Girl! I’m extremely excited to watch Conor play such iconic character and as a fan of not only her acting but her photography (make sure to check out her official website!) i knew i needed to make a site to inform her fans of her career. To respect Conor’s privacy, i will not be posting any gossip nor paparazzi photos with the exception of those of Conor arriving/leaving public appearances.

I’m still working on some content but until everything is online you can visit the photo gallery with currently 8,591 images! Thank you for reading this message, visiting the site and make sure to follow us on twitter @conorlesliecom!


Tribeca TV Festival – “Shrimp”

Just this last month, on September 22, Conor attended the Tribeca TV Festival alongside Shrimp co-stars Zelda Williams and Paulina Singer. The trio were at the festival to promote the pilot, which explores the strange, interwoven and often hilarious daily lives of the women and men who work and play in a Los Angeles BDSM den. Photos from the festival (includes portraits) have been added to our gallery!